If we were out for coffee, these might be some of the things I’d tell you about myself.  I’m a mom to three lively kids who are my whole world.  They daily teach me about the depths of love and the limits of my patience.   By day, I work in educational sales and marketing and the writing I do here, well, it’s a moonlighting gig mostly.

  I’m pretty sure I was born with an enlarged justice bone and a preoccupation with equality.  As a kid that made me the playground tattle tale (and therefore really popular). Now it makes me a person losing sleep over a world that often ignores its most vulnerable members,  where some moms can’t feed their kids, and where we largely insist on focusing on the ‘me’ before the ‘we.’   Then I try to wrestle with my role and responsibility in all of this.

  My faith is my anchor in a turbulent world.  It provokes me to lean into the heartache of life instead of retreat from it.  It teaches me that we all belong to each other and continually opens up me up to new depths of love, sacrifice, and trust—if I’m willing to say ‘yes.’  It both spurs me out of my comfort zone and is my safest home to retreat to. It reminds me that I profit nothing if I gain the whole world but lose my soul.  I hope to resist the urge to let my faith paint the world in black and white but instead let it be my guide in embracing all the shades of gray.

  I grew up playing sports year-round and as a result, I accumulated a large stack of participation trophies and “Best Attitude” awards.  (Sorry to brag!)  The recognition that once felt embarrassing as an athlete now feels like the exact accolade I’m seeking.  I just want to show up fully for life–bring everything I have to the table, loving my people deeply, knowing that most days my ‘best attitude’ will be my highest contribution.

  I absolutely love to laugh and have curated the most wonderful group of humans to do it with.  My favorite pastime is good conversation that is as soulful as it is side-splittingly hilarious.  (Side note: My cheeks are so big that when I laugh really hard, they physically shut my eyes and I lose all visibility.  Therefore it’s best to be sitting while laughing or things can get dicey.)

  I’m a 7 on the Enneagram which means my favorite word is ‘yes’ and my least favorite word is ‘moderation.’  The concept of moderation in any area of my life feels like my sworn enemy and yet usually ends up being my saving grace.  Also, I’m hungry all the time, sometimes even for food.

  The things I write on Connection Table are simply the things I most need to hear.  What started as my musings on parenting has turned into a conversation on all the dimensions of intentional living.  Like the lessons on how to keep my eyes fixed on what is unseen when we live in a world that promotes only what we can see.  And the reminders to stay tender when life’s circumstances provoke us to armor up.  The encouragement to be radically present and sacrificially loyal to the people we’ve been given to love.  The courage to be still enough to hear what our souls are trying desperately to communicate, even when the message is hard to hear.  That is the work I constantly need to be brought back to and so I write and share and pray it meets you in some meaningful way as well.


I love to hear back from this community.  Feel free to drop me an email anytime: brandi@connectiontable.com

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