What role does faith play in your life? Has your faith experienced a few iterations over the years? Zealous but prickly? Certain but arrogant? Skeptical but hoping? Aloof but loitering?

For me, my faith is my anchor in a turbulent world. It provokes me to lean into the heartache of life instead of retreat from it. It teaches me that we all belong to each other and continually opens up me up to new depths of love, sacrifice, and trust—if I’m willing to say ‘yes.’ It both spurs me out of my comfort zone and is my safest home to retreat to. It reminds me that I profit nothing if I gain the whole world but lose my soul. I hope to resist the urge to let my faith paint the world in black and white but instead let it be my guide in embracing all the shades of gray.

I wrestle and doubt, worry and trust, and live in both fear and surrender simultaneously. My faith taps me into deeper levels of longing and yet bolder provision than I’ve ever known. It’s been both a life jacket keeping me afloat and the very waves that toss me around and seemingly threaten to take me under. –
I’ve never known a love so complex and yet simple, patient yet spurring, wild yet peace-giving. It is both holy and mundane, personal and communal, of no cash value but worth my whole life.

And perhaps my favorite part is that it is open to everyone, absolutely everyone, no caveats, no fine print, no exclusions. The table has been set and a place-setting awaits all of us, just as we are, if we ever wish to pull up a chair. —