Lean in close.  I don’t want everyone to hear this story that I’m about to share on the world wide web.  🙂  If you and I were out for coffee and we were swapping parenting stories, this one would surely come up.

Several years ago when my daughter was in preschool, she came home with a rather large bulge in the front pocket of her jean shorts.  She announced, “Mom, I made a beautiful drawing in the Writing Center today but don’t worry, I didn’t show anyone!”

With my curiosity peaking, I tuned in with my full attention as she began pulling out the paper in her pocket that was folded approximately 73 times to protect its contents, surely.

As the illustration was revealed, my jaw dropped in horror!

“It’s you, Mama!  Naked!”   No detail spared.  All anatomy accounted for.  Textbook accuracy.

Seeing the shocked look that took over my face, she re-iterated, “Don’t worry, I didn’t show it to anyone at my school!”

I was only partially consoled.  Honestly, I had no idea how to respond so I think I said something along the lines of, “How sweet that you were thinking of me at school today!  Let’s remember that private parts aren’t for sharing at school, ok?”

Then I did what any well-adjusted parent in a state of shock would do.  I snapped a picture of it when she wasn’t looking and text it to my closest girlfriends so they could share in the glory of the moment with me.  They did and we still can laugh to the point of tears when we reminisce about it today!

So, ‘Hi, my name is Brandi and my daughter once drew a picture of me naked at preschool.’  Great to meet you.

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