January 2020 Books

Ever curious what your others are reading and loving right now?  Here’s my list of books from January and as you’ll see, it’s all across the board.  While ‘memoir that reads like fiction’ is my all-time favorite genre, my constant curiosity draws me to a very wide spectrum of books.

‘Getting to Yes with Yourself’ by: William Ury — From the author of my favorite book on negotiating in business, this book applies those same win-win principles to help us navigate the blocks in our inner-world.  It is both practical and world-shifting, dense with wisdom and casually readable. To me, the art of negotiation is the art of all relationships and this book takes on that same dimension. I think I highlighted more text in this book than I left unhighlighted.  A must-read for anyone who recognizes that the biggest impediment in our lives is often ourselves and wants to do something about that.

‘Wolfpack’ by: Abby Wambach — The author read this book to me personally (via audiobook) and it was perfect that way.  Abby shares powerful lessons from her own life on what it means to be a female leader who redefines the rules of engagement.  She is on the frontlines of the fight for pay-equality and is a great model of strong and fair leadership that helps everyone rise. I desperately want to add segments of this audio to my workout playlist because it got me fired up in the best possible way!  A quick but worthwhile read (or listen).

‘The TB12 Method’ by: Tom Brady — Please know, I only read this book for the articles. J If I’m going to take advice from anyone on achieving a lifetime of sustained peak performance, it’s going to be Tom Brady, who is still performing at his peak in the NFL despite being well past the typical retirement age of most athletes.  I was drawn to this book not because I’m much of an athlete but because I desperately want to know how to keep my body working well for many decades to come because without my health and mobility, so much of life is limited.  In an interview with Oprah, Tom Brady shared how he views his body as his most valuable asset and at the age of 25, he decided to take excellent care of it so it could serve him for as long as possible.  He’s had my attention ever since.   This book exceeded my expectations and has given me several epiphanies that are changing my approach to fitness and wellness.

‘Friday Black’* by: Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah — This is a bit of a curve-ball on the list and certainly not for the faint of heart.  This book is raw, jolting, and exactly the desperate language we need to better understand the injustices of the time we are living in.  I loved how uncomfortable this book made me because it was such a clear spotlight on my privilege and a world that could stay hidden to me if I let it.  One of the main reasons I read is to have my perspective broadened and to walk a minute in someone else’s shoes.  Books like this one do that so well.

‘Essentialism’* by: Greg McKeown — There is so much irony in reading this book as an Enneagram 7 but that may be precisely why I needed it more than most.  I’m terrible at following new plans for organization or productivity so I love that this book is about taking on an entirely different mindset to everything in life.  I can see the wisdom in narrowing life down to only what is essential and it is a much-needed mindset for someone like me who feels like more is always better.  This is one I will need to come back to again and again.

‘I Miss You When I Blink’* by: Mary Laura Philpott — I appreciated this witty, make-me-laugh memoir in the form of short essays.  It reads like Kelly Corrigan’s writing (which I love) in both humor and insight.  I love when an author can tell a good story and also give it a bigger meaning or lesson and much of this book did just that.

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P.S. I follow a few people who share my same preferences and motivations in book selections.  Basically, when Laura Tremaine says to read a book, I say, “How soon?”  Several of these titles came recommended by her.